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toronto is quickly discovering abstract random, an inter-genre, mixed media band playing everything from local indie hip hop shows to community arts and activism. over the past four months, abstract random has toured vancouver and montreal and continues to drop guerrilla performances on unsuspecting crowds (watch this) transforming conventional, heteronormative spaces into queer, political living art.

abstract random performs regularly at venues across the city; from Gladstone’s Grannyboots to Harlem Lounge with local underground social justice stars LAL; at universities and art galleries in support of NoOne is Illegal and AGO Teens behind the Scenes. You can find abstract random at any and every 88 days show featuring the tight-knit crew of emerging artists bringing the quality back to hiphop, including Leilani Dee, WolfJ, KJ, Brendan Philip, T Ana Cole, Yannick Anton and Nadine Stillman – each moving forward individual projects, still all operating in support of each other’s movements.

you can safely expect the following from an abstract random show : face paint, video projection, costumes, art installation, superb soundscapes on an outerspace time signature by lover sun and unorthodox vocal theatrix by jamilah malika. crowds are elated, shocked, beguiled by abstract random, the not-so-soothing sounds of what they’ve been waiting for from music for so long – something that means something. download the abstract random sound sampler here

abstractrandom - promo 1


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