the prototype

may 5 2009 is the first day we presented something like abstract random to the public. a great place to grow from. love

‘a bridge’ is a multi media performance piece exploring word, sound and image, as well as audience engagement, as tools to create a dialogue around color, class and community in an urban environment. to create the impression of a city, the artists perform within cardboard cut-outs of skyscrapers behind a backlit sheet .  the performers’ bodies cast shadows to obscure the listeners’ capacity to ‘see’ and therefore ‘perceive’ the artists as members of a specific group or gender.

the poem is delivered in a structured improv style with several key components including an overall narrative (how do we live as a heterogenous community in a shared space, the city) and two scenes (a mixed child confronts his white mother & the use of the word nigger.) given the audience, setting and current news issues, the piece has the potential to develop distinctly each time the story is told.

the soundscape is created through basic drumming and a sampler for beatbox and other vocals. following a 10-15 min piece, the storyteller hauls down the sheet to expose the performers and engage with the listeners who are asked to write one line on 1-3 sheets of paper circulated with pens throughout the room. instrumentals play as the audience become the artists until the papers return to the performer who jams on the collective poetry.

thank you

mari palhares | percussion

alejandra higuera | percussion

natalyn tremblay | live bridge building overhead projection

anitafrika! dub theatre | space & support


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