wha’ had happen was

ces looked at jam and said, ‘i got these beats, check em out, lemme know what you think,’ passing a funny flat rectangle box of buttons and lights ces claimed a beat machine (looked more like a time machine.) jam listened for a while then said, ‘yo, your beats are nice, i like 4 of em together especially’ adding as an afterthought, ‘you know, the ones with the gun shots… i bet i could write somethin bout war to dem…’ ces stood up and said, ‘then do it’ as she went back to building a stage and dj booth from found wood. so jam hauled on the earphones phones and grabbed her trusty notebook and pen and scrawled a poem that began ‘humanity’s a history of combat, mortal combat, fatal combat.’ those lines came first and came clear, crystal. after reviewing, editing and re-writing a second version, jam looked up and noticed the sun setting, ‘yo, what time is it guy?’ ces replied ‘uh, its been like 3 hours guy’ and both stared at each other for a minute til jam took a deep breath and read her pages of poetry – fast. then jammed the notebook in her bag and ran, fearful of feedback; it was a heavy poem about war and history and economics and injustice – not really for ‘music’ per se jam thought.

a couple days later, ces brought the strange machine out again saying to jam ‘what was the order you liked? let’s jam on it’ and blasted a beat without really giving jam the option to say no so jam picked up the notebook and began speakin over beats for the first time. ces insisted, ‘try it different’, ‘find your flow’, ‘move your arms and legs’, ‘you can repeat parts if you want’ and pretty soon jam and ces had a nice flow going – only problem was jam kept saying ‘switch the beat’ when she wanted ces to move on to the next of the four rhythms – they had to figure out a signal. given the content, ces suggested, ‘why don’t you come over and push me?’ jam gave her look and a sigh in reply, ‘i can’t push you!’ to which ces retorted, ‘uh, yah you can!’ and jam harrumphed in refusal, ‘how about i say something?’ ces looked thoughtful, ‘like what?’ and they considered a few options ‘we move on? we progress? we advance? it’s an advance? a technological advance?’ and they played with a few over the beats finally settling on one.

later ces and jam realized they had created a track complete with a hook. they performed it once, twice and then leilani said, ‘uh, next time, can you guys play a whole set? like 3-5 tracks?’ and without batting an eye ces and jam replied ‘mos def,’ though nothing existed yet except for security –


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