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and i was worried. now we got dates, we be booked for the next few weeks…

nov 4 the gladstone; grannyboots presents protest bahati!

nov 5 smiling buddha; mixupmixup w/ ayo leilani, airheart, lila rose & blak mazk

nov 13 concord cafe; R3 reconnected fundraiser

nov 20 naco gallery; fundraiser

nov 28 chapters bookstore; 88 days people, places, things

dec 5 tba; 88 days extravanganza

dec 15 not my dog; with sammy d and friends

dec 18 tba; fundraiser

just gotta see bout 2010 – festivals? anyone?


a woman’s market value.


gas girls a new play by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard supported by New Harlem productions centeres around two female characters in zimbabwe who sell sex for gas and then gas for money. this reminded that in port of spain, trinidad, the going rate for a blowjob is a KFC 2pc meal – this is the price set by men soliciting girls on lunch break from school.

i ask you, how do we value women? girls? people who are protectors and potential creators of life? how do market imperatives and the need to survive combine to create situations where womens’ bodies can be bartered in these ways? what is their worth?

the world can be a frightful place – artists are responsible to hold a light up to the darkness and remind us of our own humanity. because we care. we do. you do. abstract random is based upon the premise that everyone cares. there is a west african proverb that goes, ‘si tu prends le chemin de ‘je m’en fou!’ tu as te retrouver au village de ‘si, je savais!'” ‘if you take the path of ‘i don’t care!’ you will find yourself in the village of ‘if only i had known!'” all i’m saying is, it’s in everyone’s interest to care. at this point, on this scale, we should all be invested in how the story ends and begins again….

nick murray of LAL is the sound designer for gas girls running november 5-19th at theatre passe muraille which means the sound will be a complementary experience. this video for wasteland from LAL’s third album ‘deportation’ is an apt way to close – exploring the ideals prescribed by media on womens’ bodies.  abstract random feels blessed for being supported by rose, nick and ian and thanks LAL for providing an example of good music with an important message, for inviting us to play with you repeatedly and for coming to our shows.

matadanze | weaving stories of transformation


womyn empowering womyn through dance and storytelling.

Classes are every Saturday 1:15-2:45pm all levels welcome & everyone welcome
Please arrive 15 minutes early for registration and to change into comfortable clothing, no shoes. $5 first time students/ $10 regular/ $40 packages for 5
location: 355 College Street 3rd Floor (College and Augusta)
October 31st: Expressive Theatre with GriselSeverino
November 7, 14, 21 – Open Contemporary DanZe Class with Olivia Davies
November 28th:  Hip-Hop T’ai Ch’i with Aaron Water
Upcoming Performances:
November 14th Toronto Women’s Bookstore presents
Written in Colour
@ 918 Bathurst between 7pm and 9pm
MataDanZe members Irma Villafuerte and Olivia Davies will be performing ‘Dignificada’ at 7:15pm

to do before the 5th

taken from my notebook, the one ces gave me:

wrap recording
blakmazk chat
rosa found fabric?
research perf fest japan
nat style touchtone chest
3 mics
light up
crash, bang, boom things
plastic lungs
lights – flash? low?
404 harness
newton lesson

don’t know what this stuff is?

you’re not supposed to!!

come find out…

nov 5th

‘set’ lists change.

phase 1 : security | city | money | school

phase 2: prayer | simon sez | love is

disrupt dis reality EP: security > money > city > love is > school > simon sex > prayer

phase 3: popsong

disrupt dis reality EP: security > money > city > love is > school > simon sex > prayer > popsong

phase 3.5: cowboy / sweet spirit aka holiday

phase 4: hello | prince charming | sorry | cowboy remix | prayer remix

disrupt dis reality BLURRRD:

prayer remix | security | popsong | hello | prince charming | sorry | cowboy remix

hiding in our backpocket: maybe its the name / old fashioned / lil hidden ways / bring u home

lurking in our mindspace: bomb the moon / Canada is safe

stage + mic = great power = greater responsibility

the immense power of commanding a crowd can be used for good or evil.

saul williams last night repeated these two refrains at different times that are now firmly lodged in my headspace:

“death is a part of life, thank you micheal, thank you micheal”

“dearly beloved, we are gathered here today and that is enough”

the power of repetition, amplified by a microphone, intensified by many minds in one space allows an intimate internalization of a message. be aware of the messsage. don’t let it be ‘everybody say hoooooooooo.’ don’t let it be some foolish replication of stereostyped styles. don’t let it be meaningless.

at an outdoor concert, lee scratch perry said over and over ‘bless your name.’ the chant rippled out into the stratosphere on a tangible frequency – just flew.  i will always remember that.

my mind won’t create space to remember the meaninglessness but it has been the majority. unfortunately.

here’s to being a part of the solution. abstract random. peace by piece by peace.


we are in a process of blurring sounds. transformation. growing. an inter genre mixed media two human animal. gestation of one month of may. came out in june. hit two cities in our first trimester and played toronto over and over again; bars n parks n galleries. now things are getting very quiet. no shows after november 5 performance at smiling buddha to re-release disrupt dis reality BLURRRD. sigh.

we are soon six months old. and growing:

ces got another 404. i’m messin round on a korg keyboard. ces is singing more. i am singing more. as opposed to speaking. ces is producing in our makeshift studio. i am workin on the ability to spit something the same way twice – challenge.

first it was words n beats, now it is a shared something. they called us spoken word but they can’t anymore. and we’re glad. the collaboration creeped up on us, same way it will surprise you – sometime it shocked the hell out of us, manifesting as sound disasters, potential separations, mixed emotions. and when the prospect of losing the thing reared its frightful head we both realized how bad we wanted something we never foresaw. process can be painful. growing can hurt. perspective is often distant and we are the agents of this mission, the conductors of this bus, the teachers and students of this new school. artist responsibility, accountability, honesty – this is heavy yo. and we can’t lie to ourselves because we do this in collaboration, we gotta face each other. feels like we may go back into the womb over the winter.

then there’s a whole back end to be dealt with as an indie artist – promotions, publicity, press releases in order to get the shows, the bookings, the ears. the thing that people often say to start with is a readily identifiable brand – we pride ourselves on not having one – we are an exception, we are whatever you walk away from a show with, we are elements (maybe the costumes and facepaint, maybe the words, maybe the soundscape, maybe the performance, maybe the video projection) and the mere possibility of what could come next; we are all of these combined. and just vessels. people. hopeful. when it comes to the pitch, they say to classify the sound and the audience. but we’d really just like to leave those open. wide. instead we gotta get strategic, plan an attack on an industry guarded by peons and egos at every angle (labels, media stations, magazines, venues and on and on) while abstract random just wants to remain organic. if we’ve learned anything from our six short months, it’s that we never know whats coming next.