‘tryna do this thing without money and a manager’ – ian kamau

ian kamau is one of TO’s most brilliant activist/artists – google him.

thing is, he also expresses having a rough go making music without resources e.g. publicist, manager, booking agent, record label, high tech studio (he recorded the january 2010 album in his home with friends mixing and mastering) and so on and so forth – the people that get you shows, interviews and access to audiences – they hold the figurative ‘key’ to the door, that big heavy industrial door.

and so people wait years before the ‘big break’ or they give up or they make amazing music that no one ever hears while the radio and tv mainstreams go toxic.

hear what, i don’t want to wait. abstract random wants the raw, in-progress sound in big spaces with huge crowds, we want  interviews in glossy mags, we want our videos to go ‘viral,’ we want to collaborate with random visual artists and musicians in big public installations, we want to play to the underserved for free and charge the over-saturated $60 for a wicked Tshirt.

we want it all and we want it now. we want it in berlin and japan. we want it projected on warehouse walls. we want festival circuits and to open for people we respect. we want to make artivism. we want to give storytelling workshops while on tour. we wanna get booked without filling out endless e-forms on phony promtional platforms and nervously peddling ourselves to every radio show host or industry peon we meet ‘casually.’

sometimes i look up into the sky and ask for a publicist, etc to find us, to want to work for us for a per centage of profits cos they beleive in the product/service, to drop out of the sky or bump into us on a corner. but francesca says, we got to develop our sound and have patience. francesca says it will come; keep writing and recording. i’m getting a keyboard and workin on my percussion while ces paints murals and canvas.

meanwhile, i want it now. all of it.

so i’m meeting with as many people i know to see how they got it, do it, get it done.

and i’m asking you, if you got any contacts, ideas or suggestions – send them to abstractrandom3@gmail.com. now. thanks.


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