blak mazk beats :: lover sun sounds


cdjs + 404 = live sound madness



4 responses to “blak mazk beats :: lover sun sounds

  1. Guys,
    I love your music. I am the guy who stood really
    close durign the Trinity-Bellwods Park performance. Lover Sun took my e-mail address.
    I asked about electronic gear: SP 404 Roland Sampler etc. Do you remeber me?
    Will you be playing Gladstone on Oct 14?
    Are you 1/2 of Abstract Random.
    Do you know Gil Scott Heron. I can loan 3 CDs.
    He is a poet, piano player,singer who did :
    “Winter in America”, “B-Movie”,”The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” etc.
    I would be interested in a project of producing a “Tribute to Gill Scott Heron” CD. What do you think?

  2. Great. I will be at Gladstone.
    How about if I loan you the Gil Scott Heron music and
    one volume of poetry. It’s something you might like.

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