we want you to know

statement: local mixed media intergenre artists should use public space to present new works to the broader public;

(a) public art installations give the public the opportunity to experience genres and mediums to which they may have associated negative connotations or previously not known. the broader public do not attend local arts and music spaces because these shows are not often a part of their direct professional and social environments. however the public is exposed to mainstream media outlets and ad campaigns in public spaces (on transit, billboards etc.) when artists occupy the sound and landscape the public can develop a new appreciation for what is possible in a genre or medium from underexposed artists. we find the most unlikely individuals expressing a mix between shock and joy upon viewing talented vocalists, video projections by film makers, live visual arts and unusual means of beat-making including loop pedals, samplers, turntableism.

(b) furthermore intergenre, mixed media artists are restricted by the divisions of private spaces; spaces are not conducive to combining visual and sound elements. whereas we can combine efforts, rent a PA and a projector, set up a white sheet and plug in at a community centre or make an arrangement with a homeowner for power. in addition, a bar serves a different constituency than an art gallery and we artists want to share with people of as many backgrounds as possible: age, class, race, relgion, tastes, interests and so on.

(c) we artists want to exhibit their work and play for audiences but to be honest local galleries, theatres and venues are not accessible to local emerging artists; bars and lounges specifically require guarantees on attendance for bar sales and often do not pay live acts. local emerging artists do not often have the resources to hire booking agents or publicists in order to give access to audiences through popular spaces. granted they have the resources to compile an electronic press kit including photographer, graphic designer, copywriter, etc.) also required by extensive applications to public festivals with few spots for many applicants. we require other means to expose our artistry and propose that we disregard sound bylaws in order to do so.

conclusion: the people don’t know, we artists can make you know – in fact we want you to know.  before the radio and magzine coverage, we need to create a buzz by accessing as many kinds of people as possible through low cost exposure.

intention next summer visual artists transform the east facing garages on bickford lane across from christie pitts park off harbord  into a mural landscape over an afternoon of live performances.

. give us your ears, your eyes . open your doors, your minds . let us in, give us a try .


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