DIY abstract random SWAG

the night before we flew to vancouver we stayed up all night silkscreening and ironing abstract random t shirts to add to the buttons (thanks jodie for use of your button machine) and cds, producing a fine selection of abstract random merchandise; all graced with the genius designs of visual artist francesca.

recently dj carl allen returned from his trip to jamaica and enjoyed telling us how much jamaicans love the abstract random shirt; of all the shirts he wore during his stay, our swag recieved compliments every time. we appreciate this tidbit because both ces and i know that jamaicans have mad style. ‘style over fashion’ elephant man says and for all his bad politics, his personal sense of style is big. true exhibitionists, most jamaicans i know take a special pleasure in always leaving the house looking good. jamaica, we’re comin. the next batch of shirts will be extra tricked out just for you.

wear it on your back, the up-late-flight-to-catch blood sweat and tears of your DIY friends, abstract random, love.

Photo 34Photo 32Photo 31Photo 17

Photo 13Photo 27

Photo 11Photo 30

true say, we did make 8 pair of panties but dem did sell off. we soon come. respect jamaica. yah dun know abstract random a fe real operahshun fe de people.


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