TORONTO, let’s BLOW this POPstand

uhhh, toronto’s got flavor like baskin robbins, like a baskin robins with soy alternatives and gelato and frozen yogurt.

i’m just going to write bands and not stop and i’ll come back with links later. cos it’s that serious –

i’ll start with 88 days and massive: brendan philip, ayo leilani, wolf j, KJ, t ana cole, kevin demon, promise, unlikely heros

airheart, candy coated killahz, OBGMs, rahi high, styrofoam ones, alexander the, times neue roman, pink dead whale, stop! die! rescusitate, lionness, LAL, shad, marinda + solari, KG tsatsi, sarah shafey, zaki ibrahim, ian kamau, kings of kush, tanika chawlz, ian james jones and everybody on honour rebel, dylan murray, sage, saidah babah talibah, kids on tv, 84.85, let’s go to war, the carps, grimace love, blacus ninjah, everybody on district 6, everybody who works with gigz the unknown producer, waleed, notes to self, professor fingers, ahi, ania soul, mario the real voyce, aline morales, PFF house, peter bones and the whole stolen from africa crew, escalate, rubik (just saw them tonight. solid.)

people who doin it abroad; amenta, thunderheist, eternia, masia one

djs like eloquenz, nana, mensa

listen, there’s so many i didn’t name, but i just wanted to make a point. there’s too many of us. we are taking over.


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