we are in a process of blurring sounds. transformation. growing. an inter genre mixed media two human animal. gestation of one month of may. came out in june. hit two cities in our first trimester and played toronto over and over again; bars n parks n galleries. now things are getting very quiet. no shows after november 5 performance at smiling buddha to re-release disrupt dis reality BLURRRD. sigh.

we are soon six months old. and growing:

ces got another 404. i’m messin round on a korg keyboard. ces is singing more. i am singing more. as opposed to speaking. ces is producing in our makeshift studio. i am workin on the ability to spit something the same way twice – challenge.

first it was words n beats, now it is a shared something. they called us spoken word but they can’t anymore. and we’re glad. the collaboration creeped up on us, same way it will surprise you – sometime it shocked the hell out of us, manifesting as sound disasters, potential separations, mixed emotions. and when the prospect of losing the thing reared its frightful head we both realized how bad we wanted something we never foresaw. process can be painful. growing can hurt. perspective is often distant and we are the agents of this mission, the conductors of this bus, the teachers and students of this new school. artist responsibility, accountability, honesty – this is heavy yo. and we can’t lie to ourselves because we do this in collaboration, we gotta face each other. feels like we may go back into the womb over the winter.

then there’s a whole back end to be dealt with as an indie artist – promotions, publicity, press releases in order to get the shows, the bookings, the ears. the thing that people often say to start with is a readily identifiable brand – we pride ourselves on not having one – we are an exception, we are whatever you walk away from a show with, we are elements (maybe the costumes and facepaint, maybe the words, maybe the soundscape, maybe the performance, maybe the video projection) and the mere possibility of what could come next; we are all of these combined. and just vessels. people. hopeful. when it comes to the pitch, they say to classify the sound and the audience. but we’d really just like to leave those open. wide. instead we gotta get strategic, plan an attack on an industry guarded by peons and egos at every angle (labels, media stations, magazines, venues and on and on) while abstract random just wants to remain organic. if we’ve learned anything from our six short months, it’s that we never know whats coming next.


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