stage + mic = great power = greater responsibility

the immense power of commanding a crowd can be used for good or evil.

saul williams last night repeated these two refrains at different times that are now firmly lodged in my headspace:

“death is a part of life, thank you micheal, thank you micheal”

“dearly beloved, we are gathered here today and that is enough”

the power of repetition, amplified by a microphone, intensified by many minds in one space allows an intimate internalization of a message. be aware of the messsage. don’t let it be ‘everybody say hoooooooooo.’ don’t let it be some foolish replication of stereostyped styles. don’t let it be meaningless.

at an outdoor concert, lee scratch perry said over and over ‘bless your name.’ the chant rippled out into the stratosphere on a tangible frequency – just flew.  i will always remember that.

my mind won’t create space to remember the meaninglessness but it has been the majority. unfortunately.

here’s to being a part of the solution. abstract random. peace by piece by peace.


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