a woman’s market value.


gas girls a new play by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard supported by New Harlem productions centeres around two female characters in zimbabwe who sell sex for gas and then gas for money. this reminded that in port of spain, trinidad, the going rate for a blowjob is a KFC 2pc meal – this is the price set by men soliciting girls on lunch break from school.

i ask you, how do we value women? girls? people who are protectors and potential creators of life? how do market imperatives and the need to survive combine to create situations where womens’ bodies can be bartered in these ways? what is their worth?

the world can be a frightful place – artists are responsible to hold a light up to the darkness and remind us of our own humanity. because we care. we do. you do. abstract random is based upon the premise that everyone cares. there is a west african proverb that goes, ‘si tu prends le chemin de ‘je m’en fou!’ tu as te retrouver au village de ‘si, je savais!'” ‘if you take the path of ‘i don’t care!’ you will find yourself in the village of ‘if only i had known!'” all i’m saying is, it’s in everyone’s interest to care. at this point, on this scale, we should all be invested in how the story ends and begins again….

nick murray of LAL is the sound designer for gas girls running november 5-19th at theatre passe muraille which means the sound will be a complementary experience. this video for wasteland from LAL’s third album ‘deportation’ is an apt way to close – exploring the ideals prescribed by media on womens’ bodies.  abstract random feels blessed for being supported by rose, nick and ian and thanks LAL for providing an example of good music with an important message, for inviting us to play with you repeatedly and for coming to our shows.


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