yah, moon song, coming along

blast the sky? tell me why when we know full well what goes up, comes down again.

action re action re action re action…

no cause for hysteria! no call to action! they bombed the moon but it’s not new friend.

outerspace colony plan; send a man to plant a flag! eternal source of light or intergalactic base in a space fight?

terrified of the future, of machines and aliens, craft apocalyspe into a consumer good, watch it rewind it watch it again

do not question the terror in the present, the environment, social injustice, global imbalance and do not consider how to prepare ourselves for the end

so we can begin again we will have to begin again humanity is the story of beginning again


no cause for hysteria no call to action

they bombed the moon but it’s not news son

if a boxcutter is a weapon of mass desctruction how is a metal rocket object not a bomb, yo?

not a deadzone they say just a dimple in her crater… i wonder will it pain her when we blast her face her space her peace her

she who guides the tides and skyes and we are water. and we bomb her. for water.


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