a beautiful alien – e badu

that’s how erykah describes him – jay electronica.

this is how i first found learned about him in depth ‘saw christ went towards the light went blind woke up in front of a mic stand… voodoo man chicken bone chicken bone i can make a thunderstorm from a light rain’ film audio bytes just made me want to close my eyes and imagine a hiphopera stage production with projection and movement and color and light and sound. sound.

then i downloaded everything i could find… watched clips of he and erykah in love, then jay dropped off… but he has re-appeared, he has gone east –

jay east

“It has been a minute since anyone has heard from the mysterious Jay Electronica. Just to let you know he’s alive and well, working on new music, and apparently traveling both the globe and time(?), Jay cut some footage from his trip to Asia to a new track of his produced by Just Blaze called “Dear Moleskine.” The footage was shot on location by Jason Goldwatch. Specifically, in this piece, the Pashputinath Hindu Temple and The Bodinath Buddhist Temple in Kathmandu Nepal. It is from a collaborative film/music project between Jay Electronica’s The Dogon Society and DECON. The project currently has no title or street date.” from Okayplayer

definitely a mythical creature. jay could change the game.

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