intense reaction

someone commented that ebony bones produces all her own music and plays her own instruments while some people sit at home writing ‘shitty’ blogs. you coulda just mentioned the first part instead of the added hateration. kinda defeats your point. but thanks for pointing that out.

4 responses to “intense reaction

  1. Wow, I didn’t heard about that up to the present. Thankz!

  2. She plays her own instruments. Right. I’m wondering where she was when I played all the bass, keys and guitars and drums on the 2 songs I produced on her record.

    I don’t remember seeing her in my apartment.

  3. Perfect!Great! This helped a lot! I’ve read several
    rather confusing websites lately, this cleared up some confusion I had.

  4. thanks jahmal for the real scene. so much shit talkin out there. the truth ain’t always what you want to hear – it’s still true though.

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