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If we can control our body and mind in a way that we help others instead of doing them harm, and generating wisdom in our own mind, we can end our suffering and problems. The Buddha summarized the correct attitude and actions in the Eight-fold Noble Path:

  1. Correct thought: avoiding covetousness, the wish to harm others and wrong views (like thinking: actions have no consequences, I never have any problems, there are no ways to end suffering etc.)
  2. Correct speech: avoid lying, divisive and harsh speech and idle gossip.
  3. Correct actions: avoid killing, stealing and sexual misconduct
  4. Correct livelihood: try to make a living with the above attitude of thought, speech and actions.
  5. Correct understanding: developing genuine wisdom. (The last three aspects refer mainly to the practice of meditation:)
  6. Correct effort: after the first real step we need joyful perseverance to continue.
  7. Correct mindfulness: try to be aware of the “here and now”, instead of dreaming in the “there and then”.
  8. Correct concentration: to keep a steady, calm and attentive state of mind.


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