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an abstract random answer

abstract random is an inter genre mixed media two human animal.

lover sun creates a soundscape through an electronic device resembling a time machine. jamilah malika introduces a layer of sound through her mouthpeice. sun sings too.

plus electronics, abstract random makes three, a trifecta, a trinity in wordbeatsound; ‘they’ have struggled to name the creature and must settle for electro experimental dub hop because the abstract random intention is in fact to blur the intersections, to cross the lines, to question the conformity, to disrupt dis reality – the title of their most recent EP offspring: disrupt dis reality BLURRRD.

on stages, abstract random return to this intention in any space or situation; playing on bars, in galleries, in parks powered by the community center; playing in face paint and costume under a video projection; playing whenever possible…

abstract random wants to play with you.


“hey, what number’s sorry again?” “c11!”

tops n bottoms


a boombap continuum

contemporary hiphop history in a free download. pls & thx.

war paint or peace paint?

we went from abstract random cowboy zorro bandits

to streaming rainbows and dots.n|lines:

what do you like?

nneka + jay electronica + j period = THE MADNESS

jay electronica


j period

photography or magic? melissa moffat. muah!

melissa moffat…

photographer or magician?

decide for yourself!

88 days of fortune : the shapes of sound @  smiling buddha lounge december 4, 2009… melissa moffat says she was inspired by the sounds of abstract random – we say thank you for imagery reflected through her eye’s electronic lensso full of light.

we must also add this photo of KJ – look again and again and again – we did.

“nothing is impossible, impossible is a lie.” – KJ ‘black and gold’

(click to download mixtape)