indie artist thoughtfood from tom delong of blink182

“regime changes at the major record label”

“monetize these other elements… and put as much music out there for free”

“it’s like television”

“you’ve got to have the graphics, logo and merchandise…. it’s for to be really cool, clever, window into your mind… a whole world”

“really take pride in how you present your band to the public even when there’s no music”

“think about how to captivate people online… study campaigns that work”

“the true art is seeing how many people that music can touch”

so interesting if you’ve got politics on accessibility (often sliding scale at our shows) ~ amazing idea: the people who can pay for merch et al will pay and finance your work while the people who cannot *caveat: if they have internet access* still get the music

and if you’ve got aspirations in terms of audience that are not ego-based but from an intention of the desire to inspire as an art motivator in terms of a ‘how-to’

and also if you’ve got an ethic contrary to the ‘artist creates art in a vacum’ and you feel like dialogue with peers and listeners are critical to our art’s growth

but in terms of money and marketing, this is super insightful.


check it out. i’m going to.

true say i listened to blink182 in gr.10. word.

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