all the way from JA ::: young ras jahmani

ces n leilei jus reach back from jamaica where ces has bredren from long time; this one youth is a friend from single digits so we supporting the fams and sharing his skills – meet young ras jahmani, check out his self-scribed bio below and click to reach the myspace – respect jahmani, we hope the whole wide web come check dis here tchune – bombombom braaaaap more fiyah!

Ii my name is jahmani ,i live at brisset lucea hanover i,m fifteen year old.In the future i would to become a songwriter,singer or producer. hopewell high school it’s a very beautiful school,the teachers are very nice to me.I want to become artist so i have to try obtained some money for that.but what i,m going to try do is to link up a artist to assist me in this situation cause i know it’s kind a complicated to get a bust in these time.So that is what i am working on now.i want to be a celebity like other artist too.i am a songwriter,i wil be writing songs for other artist,i am a producer,iwill be assisting people with there music fr example to promote them like recording there songs.yo it dun dey so,a youngras ting dis yuh seeit.likklemore dey.


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