facepaint – confuse it confuse dem

ces n me walk into the kings cafe – lady behind the counter says “what happened to you!?”

ces replies, “i fell”

i fall to the floor laughing – i fell!! into a technicolor puddle? into a rainbow? HA!

she sees we are jokin and says, “is it indian? no, not indian, i mean canada’s original peoples?”

WORD. indigenous. first nations. aboriginal – no! ORIGINAL PEOPLES. i like it. best new PC term i heard.

i reply, “no it’s not first nations, it’s not east indian, it’s our own tradition.”

she continues, “for a celebration?”

we concede, “yes, a celebration.”

this exchange was much nicer than what we usually get from men – “HALLOWEEN!”


i don’t understand. a mask says halloween. but facepaint? to me, facepaint screams kids at a carnival. not halloween.

what do you think?


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