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abstractRandom suggests you get to know Kamau

“love, it’s at the soul of me, so i tell the truth and they believe it’s poetry,” ian kamau, toronto’s own storyteller, lyricist, poet, writer, community activist; a strong quiet clever fella.

download the third of a mixtape series, then find the first two on kamau’s blog. this last one was well worth the wait. upon listening, i feel that in his next life, ian kamau will be something divine like a cloud for having spread such positive vibes over the internet to those of us who can click and save. what a privilege. then when the album comes, we can support. and the album is coming.


x and o show 2010

Lover presents another very sexy, X and O Show this February 13th, 2010!!! And this one is extra special, as we celebrate the launch of (take a peek)

Burlesque performances by:
Cicic Myplaymate and
Tina Timebalm
Music performances by:
Ayo Leilani and
Abstract Random
Artist Lineup:
Valeria Rzianina
Irena Vormittag
Walker Ballantyne-Hill
Gleb Noujin
Stephanie Cloutier
Mondo Lulu
Sarah Guy
Carolyn Quan
Tamara Tanurdzic
Magda Olszanowski
Nicole Rodrigues
Cheri Michael


Presented by
Sponsors: Come as you are, Good for her, Sweet Temptations
Invite art: Valeria Rzianina

chronology | herstory … updated; whoa!

May 5 2009     Toronto, ON     anitafrika! dub theatre (dubnite)

June 7     Toronto, ON     Augusta House (Midnight Market)
June 18     Toronto, ON     Heartbeat 960 (88 days)
June 24     online     CHRY community radio (Womyn’s Word)
June 27     Toronto, ON     PRIDE (Fruitloops stage)

July 2     Toronto, ON     Heartbeat 960 (88 days)
July 9     Toronto, ON     Harlem Lounge (with LAL & Greenlaw Ave)
July 16    Vancouver, BC    The Anza Club
July 18    Vancouver, BC     Raw Canvas art + social
July 22    Vancouver, BC    The Modern (Monday Night Live)
July 24    Vancouver, BC    Rhizome Café
July 31     Toronto, ON     anitafrika! dub theatre (festival closing party)
July 31    Toronto, ON    Adelaide St. Pub (guerilla performance)

August 6-14 Toronto, ON   Theatre Passe Muraille (‘security’ featured in summerworks production by sketch youth ‘sketch’in toronto’)

August 12     Toronto, ON     AGO (Teens Behind the Scenes)
August 21     Toronto, ON     The Ossington (88 days)
August 22     Tay, ON    storytelling workshop (OXFAM)
August 29     Toronto, ON    Hotbox After Dark (LAL CD release party)

September 2     Montreal, QC    Le Depanneur Café (nochedepoesia showcase)
September 3     radio   CHOQ FM (Les Contes a Rendre)
September 4     radio   CKUT McGill  (morning show)
September 6     Montreal, QC    O Ciel (Eyes Wide Open Movement)
September 10    Toronto, ON    185 Kensington Ave  (outdoor live art installation)
September 16     Toronto, ON    Gladstone hotel (Q lit)
September 17     Toronto, ON    Hart House U of T (Noone is Illegal fundraiser)
September 21     Toronto, ON    OISE (CWSE event)
September 29    radio    CKUT McGill (morning show)

October 3    Toronto, ON    Trinity Bellwoods Park (Nuit Blanche)
October 14     Toronto, ON    The Gladstone Hotel (people project fundraiser)

November 4    Toronto, ON    Gladstone hotel (Protest Bahati fundraiser)
November 5     Toronto, ON    Smiling Buddha (88 days)
November 13     Toronto, ON    Concord Cafe (R3 fundraiser)
November 20     Toronto, ON    NACOs (funds raised for Pouline Kimani & the Queer/Trans Youth Arts Collective organized by Minority Women in Action @ the GALCK centre, Nairobi, Kenya.)

December 4    Toronto, ON    Smiling Buddha (88 days)
December 5    Toronto, ON    CIUT radio (Resistance on the Sound Dial)
December 12     Toronto, ON    Not My Dog (with Sammy D and the Boxes that Boom)
December 17     Toronto, ON    Revival Stone Lounge (The Main Ingredient presents ‘The Ladies of 88′)
December 21  Toronto, ON    751 Queen West (Solstice party with raised fist collective)

January 9     Toronto, ON    The Central (La Famille Showcase LGBTQQ fundraiser)
January 14    Toronto, ON    The Gladstone Hotel  (Indie Love Showcase)
January 17    Toronto, ON    Project 165 (Matinee Madness)
January 22     Toronto, ON    Behind the Front Visual Arts Studio (Melissa Moffat photography website launch)
January 28     Toronto, ON    Gallery 1313 (Fantasy Fashion show)
January 30     Toronto, ON    The Beaver (outtah nowhere mix up monthly)

February 2     Montreal, QC    Casa Del Popolo (with jackson md, professor fingers & shoebomber)
February 3    Montreal, QC    storytelling workshops (2) with young women of Expressing Arts program
February 4     Toronto, ON    Gallery 1313 (Fantasy Fashion show)
February 13     Toronto, ON   The Bait Shop Gallery (toronto womens’ bookstore fundraiser)
February 20     Toronto, ON    Heartbeat 960

best believe:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

-Margaret Mead US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 – 1978)

experienced any magic lately? here’s several doses straight up:

all footage shot at the ossington; give thanks to the manager who gave a portion of bar sales to support relief efforts in haiti. all proceeds from our door will support as well and we’ll call on the canadian government to double our gift as they’ve committed to doing for any citizens…

it’s likely that the night was so magical because it was for a worthy cause – if that’s the case,

cooperation and community are in the interest of all artists and audiences.

when you do anything for something bigger than yourself, the outcome is exponentially bigger, better and badder  in the best sense of the word.

just watch and you’ll see what i mean:

infinite abundance feels so good.

i will venture to describe what happened last night but i must say it was surreal and difficult to articulate:










it was so absurdly stunning, each and every bringing a level of quality that felt like magic – honestly. the crowd buzzed with the blessings and we loved each and every one for coming – reciprocity, cycles, exponential expansion. i don’t know what stars aligned to create 88 days of fortune but the universe is conspiring something none of us can imagine – we can all feel it but we know the future will surprise us – blast us, blow us, embark us upon a journey we are walking right this moment. and you are a part of it for being here with us. so thank you. and out into the ether, another thank you. *bows head, closes eyes.

we will celebrate it’s one year anniversary in april and we will do it big at the AGO with the styrofoam ones. if you missed last night, stay tuned at for details, because if you miss the one year bash, it’ll just break my heart.