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today is the 88th day of the calendar year & weeks away from our one year celebration!

sammy rawal :: photographer extraordinaire

above left to right : amenta, kj, brendan philip, ayo leilani, wolf j, jamilah malika (of abstract random,) yannick anton, nadine stillman

below left to right: deon mars, t ana cole, lover sun (of abstract random)

new additions since pic taken: THEESatisfactions, bahia watson, maiko watson, OBGMs.

yah, we roll deep. get involved. stay up. get on the bus before we break out cos seats fillin’ fast.

88 days of fortune.

dollar paris is a sweet young lady…

hmmm, what to say… at the first outtah nowhere soundcrew a pretty girl came to inquire if i had a specific j davey track, i replied no, but i had another – i must say, i never dropped her request, but she continued to support. at the next show, she had spread the word to friends and then she friended us on facebook… then, this blew my mind – dollar paris added a photo of abstract random to an album entitled ‘inspiration’ including stellar female artists like erykah and janelle and style icons like rihanna and beyonce… that tickled me something sweet. well, she’s outdone herself again. with this wick mixup video clip:

i gotta say, this is the first time someone who has filmed us has made it so easy to get some great footage right back to us – we can’t say how many times we’ve chased people down so a special thank you to dollar paris for being extra special and supportive!

a ‘share’shop with the future

we don’t like to use the word ‘workshop’ because it really isn’t ‘work’ per se. francesca, a visual artist, and myself, a verbal artist are blessed to often facilitate storytelling workshops in our distinct mediums. we worked with two amazing groups of young women involved with the expressive arts program – salute to montreal’s police force for this initiative – all the $ from confiscated drugs and guns are invested in community programming, expressive arts targets young women in an effort to encourage them towards arts and away from organized crime… the young women we worked with were each bright and brilliant, each very different, we learned much and here is some of what they created in our presence:

give thanks to francesca aka lover sun for the audio!

the city is a sweatshop

a two day event organized by noone is illegal in torontoabstract random is on @ 9:30pm saturday march 20th @ sanctuary city @ 58 cecil st.

black water project ~ ayo leilani