security to feature in political mag

we’ve been asked by OCIC to include ’security’ (our very first track; original extended version, a 7min journey) in an upcoming publication of their political journal. yes, the ontario council for international cooperation’s political journal. so we said, ‘why of course’ and wrote them this to include with the track n photos:
we are abstract Random, an inter-genre mixed media two human animal. plus electronics we make three, a trifecta in word, visual and sound. toronto, vancouver and montreal have experienced abstract Random in facepaint and costume under a video projection. on the radio or performing in parks, art galleries and bars, jamilah malika and LOVeR sun are abstract Random.

music as storytelling is abstract Random’s tool of choice because people access music through their bodies in such a complete sensory way that they are open to a message – a message that might otherwise be difficult for people to receive. abstract Random is an intergenre mixed media two human animal. Francesca Nocera and Jamilah Malika layer vocals over beats produced by LOVeR SUN (aka Francesca Nocera.)

individually, we are storytellers; Francesca works with the visual (film maker, painter, muralist, tattoo-ist, etc.) and Jamilah uses the word (spoken word, prose, poetry, dub theatre, etc.) each artist is an active community arts professional, supporting creative programming and facilitating workshops for youth to access voice through storytelling in diverse ways. as collaborators, Francesca and Jamilah wish to inspire everyone to be creative and share in their own way. the content is a reflection of our politics and experiences – it’s personal, honest and what we feel is significant to share with others – abstract Random hopes that everyone who listens wants to reciprocate.


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