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aR art by francesca nocera



storyboard conceived by francesca, bahia and jamilah; artwork by francesca

fill u in –

just a heads up – the ‘abstract random’ ride has been runnin at full speed lately – four show in four days last week; three days with 88 days (parties we organized independently) ending with a forty minute set at an anarchist event we were invited to – amazing.

what’s really crazy? that mad series of 4 to 4 was prefaced by an intense community dialogue that actually began in quite basic gossip and aR bashing – really just a few peoples biased opinions – but isn’t that all there is – opinions?

the whole thing boiled down to : it’s great to have an opinion but be mindful you make it on your own. refuse the influence of the badmind and the gossip. and even if your politics are fundamentally different from those we scream into mics out from under our skin, genitalia, crazy hair cuts and wild costumes then take a moment to check (1) how do you feel at a show? do you feel in your body that we have negative intentions? and (2) is tearing down aR really the battle you want to choose in this day and age given that you know the answer to (1) NO.

someone took me out last week and said the following: when you choose to make art in a politicized, visible way, prepare to stand alone. the art is the only reward. success repels people. do not expect people to make the sacrifices you make making art. this life is not easy, but your art is a choice to make it harder for yourself.

uhhh. ok. there’s another opinion. krikey, it threw me. momentarily. but this much is true – the art is the only reward.

so thank you everyone for your individual opinions but to quote bosslady empress “opinions are like a**holes, everyone has got one.” and it’s important to dialogue. it’s important to share. but some things you gotta hold up for yourself as standards e.g. homophobia is unacceptable – it’s 2010 – it’s ok to say that. it’s ok to scream it in a tchune. i will defend that to the death.

i choose to make art that is message based because i don’t know how else to make art. and it feels good. so easy with the opinions and gwaan and make some of your own as response – instead of gossip/badmind/stinky attitudes. get over it. we’re busy making music. thanks for your thoughts but we gotta stay on track – the art is the only reward.

at the end of the day, you can laugh about it and say – all publicity is good publicity! but while you’re in it, you forget.

so here’s to never forgetting – lesson learned. we work our asses off and all we gotta show for it is the track itself, not the applause or the boos, just the track.

and in truth – it’s only love.

how we miss THEES

8/4/2010 and the marquis reads…

pink mafia shot from the AGO 7/4/2010

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thank you pink mafia. pics is hot.

coverage… exposure… word on 88 is out

thank you pink mafia.

thanks fusicology.

thanks moni.

thanks xolisa

thanks fresh fellas.