Daily Archives: May 17, 2010

still, stretch, shake; jump and thump

well, it’s been a while… where have we been? watching time fly –

april was such a blur that may became an opportunity to pause and reflect, be lazy and relax, as well as look forward.

and we keep repeating the tangible and abstract goals in thought, aloud and in a strange sense of being-ness that we roam TO with like we are abroad on tour every time ces n me catch glimpses of each other so cool across cafe tables or barreling through traffic on bikes or order a beer at a bar – it all feels like strange imprints of the future on a different scale, in a different context. sometimes we and people we know see visions – then we get a good laugh at the hilarity, the possibility, the imaginability of the present… try to focus on being here and tasting the sweetness of the process – and it is sweet, even when it sucks so that we must talk each other out of the pity party that results from projecting expectations of the future onto the present.

because it’s not easy – i work full-time and ces paints and tattoos and we both give workshops whenever we can and in the between time we rehearse, record and talk alot about the business bits –  boring stuff (paypal is a backside) and booking gigs and bills to pay. i know a fella who makes amazing music he never shares and when i press him to drop an EP, get a myspace, put up a bandcamp, something, he replies “how’s your stuff going?” with a smile – merely to say, “jamilah, i do not have the time to hustle and struggle and not sleep and not spend so that i can be so daft as to put all this energy into something that may or may not ever pay off”

and i must say i have to be honest “abstract random is going great!” is not always my immediate reply but it is the truth – because we are trying, learning, growing and sharing – we play shows, get together, muse over beats ces makes and write and jam and play around with sound and rhyme and song to see what can possibly pop out of our heart’s imagination when we listen. then we learn like crazy out of performing – whether it’s messing up and/or tasting moments of complete presence and connectedness to folks enjoying the experience of it all, people interpreting so much as to come share with us afterwards or not, just going away changed, like an element exposed to another element, bam! reacts and as a result its molecular shape expands or contracts – changes. we change… all the time.

i have been lucky to be learning a lot of powerful teachings in superpureconcentration lately through the practice of yoga and although the following is an exercise i have always done, on saturday, this process was cemented in my brain as the key to being in my body for live shows –

be very still for a moment, then stretch very deeply (i like a forward fold, ces likes an inversion – handstand or backbend) and slowly come out of the stretch only to shake arms, head and whole body vigorously! followed by jumping up and down and thumping my chest with an open palm.

no joke – this is my trick. now it’s yours.

saturday was the first show in a long time – actually only two or three weeks – which is actually the longest break we’ve had since our start a year ago now. and it was stellar, the crowd was politicized and therefore listening very closely, focused, reacting to wordsound and dancing, lotsa dancing – so thanks to them all – each and every experience and experiencer creates this crazy chemical reaction with abstract random and us with them and we are shifting molecules for the pure enjoyment of sharing and learning. sometimes we can help ourselves be open and sometimes we need to take the time to take care of the Self.

here’s to the process and all its tricks, twists and turns, we look forward to everything the future holds and it is our intention to continue learning from the whole crazy, amazing process.

universe, we thank you and we are open.