well, we got in. weird, but true, during k os’ free show at dundas square we will be over at the rearview mirror playing our NXNE time slot with the reverence of real freshie indie artists grateful to be included at all – and when they say “pay or pass?” we say – PASS. duh.

we understand there’s a hierarchy and a big money making machine and most indie bands are getting ripped off by sonicbids while headliners get awesome promo, interviews, coverage, free drinks, accomodation, guestlists and all the swag you can imagine… so it go, we’re gonna take our passes and wear them with pride, all a part of the journey.

onward and upward, forward ever after til we get back to the beginning again.

friday june 18th 9pm at the rearview mirror 193 and 1/2 baldwin avenue, kensington market. forty minutes of NXNE festival abstract random madness… best part is, the soundguy emailed us weeks ago asking how he can support us

sigh, we’re dazzled by your organization skills, dazzled. aR♥NXNE


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