huge love and respect to our everyone who has been or is in detention at 629 eastern ave g20 jail. toronto has been under siege since last week by 14,000 officers, called the integrated security unit, here to protect the fence that protects the g8 and g20 leaders here to solidify a violent international economy that causes countless injustices from indigenous rights’ violations to environmental destruction and now this weekend the g8 g20 has directly adversely affected every struggling group that has been demanding support and resources from the city of toronto to no avail (including homeless, single mothers, people living with disabilities, etc) while mayor david miller approved a 1.24$ billion security budget for one week of events that the prime minister stephen harper hopes will win him a seat on the security council, a self serving united nations body comprised of the worlds leading arms producers.

as abstract random, our very first track, our first creation, the baby that brought us to a place where we can now very soon fly away abroad to pursue a sustainable path in arts and activism is centered on exactly this system of injustice: THIS SECURITY IS NOT FOR ME, THIS SECURITY IS NOT FOR WE, THIS SECURITY IS THEIR MILLION DOLLAR, BILLION DOLLAR, TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY

the whole point is to make sense (of the madness) and make (sustainable) change. if only the powerful made change, i would be a slave – they cannot win if we never stop fighting. and jah know, the revolution will need music. and love. and the people.

much love to our friends inside holding their heads up high, assured of the fact that activists and academics alike are demanding the immediate release of detainees held under the archaic and undemocratically renewed “public works protection act” that has allowed G8 G20 to resurrect a style of brutal repression i never thought i would see in canada – toronto became a police state and people with rights under the canadian charter of rights and freedoms to freedom of speech and assebly have had their rights revoked on order to protect a rich elite. journalists from local and international media were attacked and detained by the G20 ISU. toronto urgently needs human rights activists, academics and lawyers to support unlawfully arrested and detained canadian citizens, each of whom has had their rights violated this past week under the canadian charter of rights and freedoms.

in solidarity, we post this amazing example of artivism, here is to art for revolutionary change –

please visit these real news sources for more information coverage

amnesty international calls for inquiry into police brutality at g20 demonstrations

if you would like more links, please comment and will surely send them. love and solidarity to everyone in the struggle. and compassion for the perpetrators of oppression and injustice. “it’s nothing but the passing of greed” – charlie chaplin.


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