Monthly Archives: July 2010

it’s almost august

so friends and lovers, we are well into july and although i hate to be cliche – can you believe how time flies? farther into the big blue sky, past orbiting planets, into unknown space. and we follow. try to keep up –

pride was a doozy, four shows, three days, mixed emotions but we booked a wicked caribana gig, give thanks.

then the following wednesday we had wicked fun at steamwhistle – they were so lovely, so welcoming, so organized and free beers! krikey, give more thanks.

and we are still reeling from g20, playing all the fundraisers that get in touch with us – people got bail debts like you wouldn’t beleive. and while the police were psycho/agro/fear mongerers, we gotta address it but also look past that and see that now their behavior is the new distraction – bp oil been spillin 88 days now but the tar sands goin on years of irrevocable desctruction… the g20 inside the fence are a part of the literal clusterfuck of madness we are living in right now – all of us who inhabit this planet.

it’s not that ‘this’ (destruction, injustice, profit mongering + distraction, illusion, fear) hasn’t been happening for some time, it’s that ‘this’ is now occuring on a phsyical scale that is literally unsustainable for the planet – imagine the earth is choking and gasping on us. on us spilling oil, smoke and waste out of everywhere. while the evil conspires for the masses to beleive those of us calling out evil are ‘crazy’ or ‘idealists’, either way not a credible source of information; “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” – John Lennon

and what of art? seriously. what of art and music and theatre and dance and film and poetry and stories and photography and painting and sculpture and culinary magic even – what of culture? art and culture? fuck entertainment. yah i said it. entertainment is what made gaga millions and millions. gaga makes me gag-a; it’s a business, the business of distraction, illusion and fear.

as i see it, it’s a quandry : should i prepare for the end and learn how to garden and hunt or make music? i mean i will try both but seriously, the art must serve.

the art must serve towards change.

because the revolution will need music, art and theatre and dance and film and poetry and stories and photography and painting and sculpture and culinary magic even. some folks are already preparing the soundtrack to the revolution : nneka, janelle monae, M.I.A., k-os all have very super albums out or coming… and so do we. it’s coming. we are sussing out resources and aiming high (or far rather). we are trying to find a way you can support. and please, please, please do. because there is always a force that pushes back – it’s balance baby, balance. come push with us. we pushin hard.

love aR