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francesca nocera | visual artist | published critical review

francesca nocera’s evolution as a working artist is impressive; one might remark the shifts in layering materials and images, the subtle transformation of shape and characters, or the focused use of cursive text. less explicit is the movement towards independent, alternative means of sharing her visual arts, from conventional gallery shows to self-designed, self-supported initiatives out of a very pragmatic, almost instinctual need to simply show her art. whether at the AGO or the Steamwhistle brewery, francesca’s canvases stand out; the colors, shapes and textures connote strong feeling and point view demonstrating both the process and the resolution through a single piece. the tone of francesca’s work feels introspective and expansive in such a way that onlookers tend to stop and reflect for significant stretches of time. there are more questions than answers but the fluid, open nature of each piece allows for the exchange across medium that is the very purpose of art.

bridging the gap 2008

in a room 2004

blue 2009

mom in rain 2010

self portrait 2006

under cover terrorists 2010


aR & ayo! NEW WORLD ORDER video release 9/2/2010 hosted by DJ LUKE PERRY

thurs.sept.2nd.2010 the beaver 1192 queen st west 10pm             12am sharp | dress-to-express! *hosted*by*dj*luke*perry*

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