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shooting tomorrow with melissa moffat

tomorrow we’re shooting another video… did you see the promo? we’re joining forces with friends, generally playing around, some structure but more improv.

working with melissa moffat, a brilliant photographer – here’s some photos she took with us (abstract random & ayo leilani) earlier in the summer:

and we’re really grateful for all the support – friends for oining us at the shoot tomorrow, melissa for the space and time and ale for the camera. really grateful.


new world order release | a party in pictures | shot by francesca nocera sun & hannah rajah

thank you hannah rajah (photographer) and francesca nocera sun (photographer & banner + paper macher mask creator)

thank you beautiful people! kehinde! cola! yannick! nik red! akil! wolfj! jules! chris! lichel! ale! victoria! sara! allix! moses! kim! kj! amanda! dollar paris! melissa moffat! ayo leilani!

watch the video for yourself, love aR

cowboy video promo w/ OBGMs remix

shot 9/10/10 @ 6am with melissa moffat. thank you construction workers for not really giving us a hard time. everybody on the go train – it was very real.

please note the promo video version is super amazing remix by the OBGMs – producers, punk band & pretty sweet fellas. download here.

manifesto art show features francesca nocera sun aka lover sun aka aR beats creator on canvas

site overload

technology. word. whoa.