NXNE gig reviewed in exclaim.ca :)

The wee hours of a weekend morning are rarely a good time for social analysis and progressive diatribes, unless of course they are delivered over a bed of equally forward-reaching sounds and rhythms. Thankfully, that was the sonic concoction offered up by experimental trio Abstract Random to a receptive crowd at Kensington Market’s cozy Detour Bar. Melding rich vocal melodies and snatching rhythmic chats, the politically minded 88 Days of Fortune affiliates raised the flag against a number of societal schisms, eschewing the violent and homophobic tendencies of dancehall music on the clever “Mi Na Wanna,” and calling out police overzealously through the now more locally relevant “New World Order.” With an efficient electronic sound collage of dubbed-out, dancefloor-directed beats driving their messages home, the unique offering proved a heady though ideal entree for those in search of something to move to. 

By Kevin Jones


One response to “NXNE gig reviewed in exclaim.ca :)

  1. Would love to interview you for my blog at http://dub-hop.com

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